Tuesday, March 1, 2011

{Everyday Inspiration} A good day for a circus...

One of my all time favorite artists is Alexander Calder. While he was probably best known for his mobile sculptures (he coined the word "mobile"), he also had a lifetime love of the circus.  One of his early jobs as an illustrator for the National Police Gazette, sent him to the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus to sketch circus scenes for 2 weeks in 1925. Later when he moved to Paris (1926) he created "Cirque Calder". All the pieces were small enough to be packed in a small trunk which allowed him to take it with him places and have impromptu circus performances. They usually lasted for about 2 hours and were very elaborate. Every now and then I like to watch this video & thumb through my Calder books for inspiration. I thought today would be a good day for an impromptu circus performance here (only 5minutes rather than 2 hours). Hope you enjoyed it! 

Photos via: herehere, & here


  1. I second that, cool! Actually, the kids would get a real kick out of this.. wow, intricate details in this.. K would def love this!

  2. wow thankyou for this introduction. i havent got the time to watch as much of this as i want right now. ill be back. again thanks x



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