Monday, May 21, 2012

{Music Monday} Music to draw...

My 4yr old is like a little, curious sponge & I find it fascinating. I bought, Here Comes Science (They Might Be Giants) for him when he was 1 in total anticipation for the day he would love listening to it. I forgot about it until I was cruising through the itunes library in our old computer a few weeks ago (we recently moved the computer into my studio). The album came with very cool videos to the songs as well & Sayer & I re-discovered them one rainy Saturday while we were in the studio together. It was absolutely the most timely & perfect discovery. While he loves the entire album (the solar system is also drawn frequently), he is particularly taken with the Bloodmobile. 

He listens, sings, & draws the song non-stop. When he watches the video, he pauses it - draws something- plays it - pauses it - draws - plays... you get the idea. He loves the "H" (for human body) encyclopedia at grandma & grandpa's house & uses our anatomy books when he is home as reference. He draws the insides of the human body whenever he gets a chance. It can entertain him for a long time. There are little pieces of paper, big pieces of paper & sketchbooks full of pictures around the house. I find the heart, lungs, & kidneys everywhere. He & Chris even made a human heart & lungs in clay the other day- they're just waiting to be fired in the kiln. 

Sayer always draws whatever he is interested in at the time, obsessively. For awhile, it was presidents & money. There were little pieces of green paper with George Washington or Obama scattered about. So, I'm always curious as to what I will find in his cubby at preschool. His teachers are awesome about encouraging individuality & his cubby is usually overflowing. Last week, while everyone else had soft, & fluffy cotton ball covered sheep puppets, this was Sayer's ... 

Wow, that's powerful music that can inspire such dedication. When I think about what is really playing in my studio these days... I have to be honest-  it's Here Comes Science most of the time (it is quickly changed when I have the place to myself). Sayer got to go to the doctor today for his yearly check up & had the opportunity to share all of his drawings, new knowledge & Bloodmobile love - so how could I not choose this song for Music Monday? Happy Music Monday everyone! What is on repeat in your ipod/stereo? 

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  1. This is so fun! And cool. Sayer gets so much creative stimulation at home with you two, he is so lucky. I wonder if school becomes too boring for him later on.. I like the way he rolls.. esp his version of Shaun the Sheep!



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