Tuesday, June 22, 2010

{Everyday Inspiration} Yo-Yos & Fedoras...

Some objects catch my attention immediately. Whether it is their color, shape, texture, or just the memories that the evoke, I need to document them somehow and store them away in my image bank. Recently, I saw these wonderful yo-yos at the Pajama Squid. I was immediately drawn in by the color and the fact that I really wanted to feel them. They reminded me of sweet tarts (the candy) and I bought one in almost every color. They ended up being father's day gifts (my dad has the blue one), but they are also just really nice to have around as objects. I have been especially drawn to fedoras again lately too. I got Sayer and Chris similar fedoras for father's day. I remember using them as a staple image in drawings & paintings back in my college days and I find that they still creep into my artwork every now and then.

I enjoy image collecting and acknowledging objects that catch my eye. I pull them out when I need some inspiration or just when I want to create a fun narrative with them. I'm not exactly sure how yo-yos and fedoras are going to inspire a klt:works creation, but I have been thinking about it for days. What are some favorite objects that you have been drawn to lately? 


  1. Love those candy coloured yo-yos! Lately I have been drawn to coloured paper lanterns...so festive.

  2. You've got such amazing style! And know really cool shops. How do you do that? I love the candy-coloured yoyo's. It's also fun to see a dad & his kid playing around and in matching outfits! One thing I'm drawn to over and over are lomography, lomo cameras & poloroid. Yet each time I see a lomo camera, I can't bring myself to buy one! I get that guilty feeling that there's other things more 'essential' than spending big bucks on a Diana. sigh.. btw: thank you so much for your sweet comments! Keira's slightly confused as to how her room pictures got 'in the compoooter'. keehee!

  3. Love those fedora hats...and those yoyo's are fantastic! I have been drawn to all of the accessories by Atsuyo et Akiko at Nonchalantmom which you can find here: http://www.nonchalantmom.com/things_to_wear/atsuyoetakiko.html



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