Friday, June 18, 2010

{Fabric Friday} Dreamy space & lovely fabric ...

We live in a small town about an hour north of Seattle. Unfortunately, great fabric stores are hard to come by (there aren't any). So, I order almost all of my fabrics online. For a tactile person, this method of fabric browsing & purchasing isn't the most gratifying. On our little getaway to Seattle on Monday, we stopped by one of my recent discoveries, a gorgeous fabric store called Fabric Crush. This lovely shop is in a remodeled elementary school building that was originally built in 1904. It's now called Wallingford Center and it houses sweet little shops & businesses. I found Fabric Crush earlier this year when we took Sayer to get a haircut in a fun little salon for kids. It was a great day for everyone. Across from the fabric shop is a wonderful toy store, and down the way... yummy cupcakes!  What I love about Fabric Crush is that it is uncluttered, spacious, has amazing natural light, carries a gorgeous variety of current fabrics, and the people are knowledgeable and passionate about fabric. I was glad to have my iphone with me during my last visit -so that I could share the space with you.

I was really pleased to see that Robert Kaufman's new organic collection of fabrics was in the store and I quickly snatched up 3 gorgeous designs. I also snagged a few Kokka florals and some nostalgic, navy & white striped ticking (that reminds me of an old pillow or mattress). After adding to my klt:fabric stash, Chris and I went across the hall and lost ourselves in the land of toys. Of course we had to bring something fun home for kiddo. What a great day Chris and I had on Monday- new spex, fancy coffee drinks, vintage junk shops, inspirational fabrics, and holding hands in the streets of Seattle. Happy Fabric Friday everyone!  


  1. I love that shop. Fabric selection is not great in Vancouver so I might be inspired to take a little trip to Seattle this summer. Thanks for letting us know about the cute shop.

  2. What a great selection Kristin! What an amazing space, I wonder how you were able to stop yourself from buying more. Love the 2nd from top fabric on the last pic. I think it'd make a super cute a-line dress for a girl!

  3. Thanks for the wonderful post Kristin! I think I must have missed seeing you by just minutes. It's always so nice to chat with you when you're in the shop. Hope you can make it down again sometime soon!
    Fabric Crush

  4. Lovely post Kristin! Amazing how here it's the opposite - the biggest fabric shops are almost always filled with not so great fabrics, and the really good shops with precious thing are - microscopic! :) Glad you had a nice trip :)

  5. sounds like a great trip especially the holding hands part! :)



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