Sunday, June 20, 2010

{Happy Father's Day} A gift for the guys...

While being a mom is amazing, it is equally cool to see Chris as  a dad. I think it is a role that suits him perfectly and enhances all of the qualities that I admire most about him. He and Sayer are peas in a pod and I look forward to watching what adventures they will embark on next. To watch the way Chris looks at Sayer says it all. I love our little threesome!

When it comes to fathers... I really lucked out! Of course I knew this growing up, but it has become increasingly evident as I find my way as a parent. I have always felt like my dad had my back and that is something that is as rare as it is comforting. It has been nice living near my parents over the years and getting to know them as people too. I have learned a lot from my dad and I truly admire and appreciate all that he has done for me. The fact that Sayer gets to spend time with his grandparents and experience a little of what I did growing up, couldn't make me happier. 

So, in honor of my two favorite dads ( & all of the awesome dads out there), I am giving away two men's (wise) owl tees {one green & one fuchsia}. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment telling me about a nice dad memory (feel free to tell me your favorite tee color too). I will use to choose 2 winners on Tuesday the 22nd and will announce it in a blog post. Cheers to dad.  Happy Father's Day! 


  1. My best dad memory comes from a photo. I don't have the photo anymore, but it is of my dad and his best friend Howard sitting on the lawn. My sister and are on their shoulders--I am on my Dad's shoulders I think--and we are both putting odd things on their heads. Flowers, grass, headbands. They are talking and laughing and we are thoroughly interrupting them, but they don't care. That is one of my favorite memories.

  2. Oh, my! This first photo is awesome!!! Sayer is so lucky to have such great parents!

    Nice to see you having fun with your dad too :)

    I spent a lot of time with my dad in his workshop. I learned a lot from him, and making stuff out of everything (old discarded stuff, probably called "garbage") left a huge impact on me.

    But my favorite day was when we went for a walk, me on my bicycle (wearing my brother's Sandokan tee - finally he outgrow it!) and he taught me how to ride in 8 circles without falling, near the sea. I have a great photo of this moment, I can't find it (must be in a "special" place), but if I do, I'll post it on flickr for you to see.

    Happy Father's Day!

  3. I think that all my favorite memories with my Dad are sport related (swim, run, bike, hike, etc.) And my favorite among them is when I went run for a 10K for the first time. He coached me all the way. He did such a great job that I went straight to half marathons after that. LOL

  4. my favorite dad memory: Looking up at my husband the second he laid eyes on our son for the first time, he became a dad. It was a amazing thing to watch.

  5. My favorite memories with my dad are of us laughing together! He has such a wonderful sense of humor!

  6. Oh this is so great! My dad is a totally this nutty professor, but he also is a big joker. One of my favorite memories is when we would have "italian night" every friday and he would make homemade pizza (never mind that he is mexican) and play old italian records on the hi-fi....I was in charge of the "Candle in the Wine Bottle" and took great pride in the different colors of dripping wax. My parents were always very lively colorful people.

    One totally random memory I have, isn't anything particularly special or funny but my dad is infamous for being a prankster with my mom. And she said she wanted a totally "normal" birthday card from him for once, and we were in Longs Drugstore ( was probably 12?) looking for a "serious" card and we kept giggling over all the ones we couldn't buy....and they weren't even THAT funny but for some reason we were crying from laughing and of course bought my poor mom one that was just really lame and silly. It's a random memory, but we love laughing in my family!

  7. growing up my dad made everything from furniture to his acoustic guitar and i have great memories of him playing that guitar and making up songs that included my brother and sister and my name in them. another memory of my dad that involved making or fixing something was when i was 16 and i helped him replace the engine on my 1980 honda accord hatchback!!!

    so needless to say i thought every guy was as handy as my dad! but oh no i soon discovered that wasn't so when certain boyfriends didn't even know how to use a hammer.

    but the mister i married is one crafty should see what he can make with duct tape!!!



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