Sunday, June 6, 2010

{Music Monday} A drummer & puppets...

I just recently saw a Josh Ritter video premiere on NPR- All Songs Considered that was really interesting and definitely worth passing on. Josh Ritter has a new cd out called So Runs the World Away. The song, The Curse, is a beautiful love song about an archeologist and her mummy. The video for The Curse is extremely unique and I love the story behind it, which can be read here.  Josh Ritters drummer, Liam Hurley, was the creator of the video. Not only is he a drummer, but he is also a puppeteer. {images via here

There is no question that I am a sucker for videos that feature puppetry. But combine it with a really lovely song and a multitalented film maker, then you've really got my attention. Some songs are just meant to be seen through the eyes of a puppeteer. Happy Music Monday!

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