Tuesday, June 8, 2010

{Everyday Inspiration} Perspective...

Have you ever had a day (or a week) where you felt overwhelmed and the balance between being a small business owner and a mom was a little out of whack? Well, that was me in a nutshell last week. While I enjoy the challenges that both motherhood & a small business can bring, the combination can sometimes leave me questioning my ability to maintain a healthy balance which can bring on momentary self-doubt. Funny though, I received an email that changed all of those feeling in a split second.  

I really can't mention enough, how many wonderful people that I have met through klt:works and how many great emails and pictures that collect in my inbox. I have been working with a store called Natursutten, in Denmark for over a year now (maybe even two, come to think of it). Anne-Dorthe is the owner and I have gotten to know her a bit through emails and she has a son a about a year older than Sayer. Natursutten has carried all of my organic and eco-tees and her son has owned many as well. Anne-Dorthe emailed me last week with a little note that said, "Your owls are doing very well in Africa!". Attached were   photos of two little, smiling girls, Hadija and Faidha. Her daughter had just been visiting a friend in Africa who volunteers at a "childhome" called, "The Baobab Home" (for kids without parents). She had taken a bunch of clothing with her to donate (the Baobab Home is run on donations) and there happened to be a few outgrown klt:works owl tees in the mix. While I know that Anne-Dorthe thought I would like these photos - I am sure she didn't anticipate what it all would mean to me. I still don't have words for the emotions that I feel, myself. 

I don't want to drone on and on about my inner thoughts and what makes me tick. But one thing I will share is that I am a bleeding heart. When I was in graduate school, studying for my MFA, I really struggled with how selfish it felt. I used to watch "ER" and feel like I should be helping people rather than just making art. My wise thesis advisor told me to just watch "Friends" instead. After graduation, I had many jobs in the social/special services fields (working with at risk youth, teaching in detention facilities, working with people with disabilities). It wasn't until I started klt:works that I really had the revelation that I could still "help" and make people happy by doing what I love- by making things. I still struggle with the fact that my little donations to various organizations can't really change the world, but I guess I will leave that to Oprah, and those that can really afford to do so. In the meanwhile, it makes me happy to have a connection to the Boabab Home and I look forward to sending off a box of some of Sayer's outgrown clothes and toys along with some klt:tees. Now, when I have those overwhelming days, I can look at the pictures of Hadija and Faidha and gain a little perspective on everything.


  1. Two of the sweetest faces! They're adorable.. Sometimes you wonder where those t's you donate or put in the donate bin goes to.. This post really really made me smile.

  2. Beautiful. That's what it's all about, right there.

  3. You are absolutely making the world a better place with your lovely lovely art! This is a lovely post. Thanks for sharing. I, too, am a bleeding heart and former long-time public servant. I hear ya!

  4. i just got all choked up reading this. those little faces are so sweet and i can't even imagine how delighted they must have been to get those new clothes.

  5. wonderful. perspective, thank you.

  6. I've only just discovered this post and enjoyed every word. I understand, really. My sister is leaving for Uganda again on Sunday for two weeks; she volunteers in an orphanage there and loves it. She is in the process of starting her own charity nursery in Uganda and at 40 has found her way helping others.
    Lovely post.



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