Wednesday, June 9, 2010

{Everyday Inspiration} Stop Motion Awe...

Her Morning Elegance music video by Oren Lavie, has been circulating on the web for over a year now. I remember posting it on my FB page when I first saw it because I liked it so much. I find that I keep coming back to it for one reason or another. I dove in a little bit to learn more about how it was made and was surprised to learn that there is a Her Morning Elegance Etsy Shop. The still photos by Eyal Landesman that were used in the video can be purchased. The 2096 photos that made up the stop motion video have been broken back down to still form and have been exhibited in galleries worldwide. {Image via here}

I'm so intrigued by the stop motion process and completely in awe of the work that goes into a video like this. This video fit my mood today- it's calming and inspiring all at once. Hope you enjoy it too. Now I am ready to go to the studio... 

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