Thursday, June 10, 2010

{Slugs!} The Double Conk

Slugs on the doorstep, on the sidewalk, in the peonies- they are everywhere! It is June and seeing slugs around every corner is a little strange. Although, I am used to seeing a lot of slugs, I live in the northwest and there is always a pile of them keeping me company in my studio. But the slugs that hang out in the klt:studio are sweet and soft - not gooey and gross. 

The klt:slug lovey was designed and created when Sayer was about 6 months old. It is the first plushie that I made for klt:works as a new mom. I watched what Sayer gravitated to, what he liked to feel, the shapes that fit nicely in his arms, and what seemed to comfort him. When thinking about what the critter should be, the shape and the area that we live in suggested strongly that it should be a slug. The slug lovies, or the "Gunks" as Sayer called them at first, have organic antennae with a knotted base -perfect for chewing. They are super soft and made with durable polartec fleece that those of us in the northwest, commonly wear year round. Sayer's "Gunk"- now called "Conk", has been washed hundreds of times. Sayer doesn't really go anywhere without it. While his antennae are a bit lackluster now, they are still just as effective for chewing, sticking in his nose, putting between his toes, or as a general handle.

I was sort of getting a little grossed out by Conk and on Valentine's Day, encouraged Sayer to pick out a shiny new friend for his Conk. I took him to the studio and let him pick from a big bin of slugs that I had recently made. He wanted nothing to do with it. He said that is Conk was all he wanted. Well, a few weeks ago, Sayer was in the studio with me and saw a new slug in the bin that he immediately snatched up and walked out with. It was a slug that I had made for a new project that I am working on. I was grateful that he wanted it actually- it gives me a chance to sneak Conk in for a bath (laundry) a little more often. Now Sayer takes both with him everywhere. He calls them "Double Conks". I thought that one lovey was hard enough to keep track of - but now we have two to wrangle up before bed. 

Yes, story time is a little crowded these days but I don't mind one bit. It warms my heart to see how Sayer loves his little critters. It is a pretty gratifying feeling knowing that I made something that he loves and enjoys so much. He often lets me borrow the green double Conk and I have to say, I might just have to make an adult size soon. They are nice to sleep with - but Chris isn't bad either.  Did you have a favorite lovey from when you were a child? Do you still have it?


  1. Isn't it amazing how something that you created is so loved and cherished by Sayer. Love this post and the photos of him are so perfect. I wonder if Conk will go off to college with him one day...

  2. I love the story behind the super-cute slugs! A nice read :)

  3. Those are the cutest slugs ever! Sayer hugging his Conks, that is too cute. I've never had a lovey when I was a kid and Keira doesn't either. She just has 'flavour of the moment' toys that she likes to bring with her everywhere. hehe. Love the fabric choices!

  4. these photos are too cute. love the slugs and conks!

  5. I love this story!! My little one is almost four and has a lovey to sleep with. It's a velvety soft bear that is very dear to me as it was bought by my grandmother before she passed away, for my elder son. He is gross and stinky in my opinion but Tyler is very reluctant for him to go in the bath just in case he doesn't make it back by bedtime!



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