Friday, July 23, 2010

{Fabric Friday} Holley & Gill...

I used to read art books about the New York School of artists back in the day and wished that I were one of them. The idea of sitting at coffee shops with fellow artists and sharing thoughts about art, books, movies, music and other inspirations is something I think I will always find appealing. But I have to say… Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, & blogs are my virtual coffee shops where I feel like I am a part of a bunch of creative groups. I look forward to my virtual cups of coffee with my artistic and visionary pals. One designer pal from my virtual coffee shop is Michelle, from Holley & Gill. When I first learned about the work she creates, I knew I wanted to write about it someday. So this Fabric Friday post is one I dreamed up before I even had a blog and my thoughts were just jotted down in a moleskine notebook.   

Michelle and her husband Conrad are the Montreal based design duo that creates handmade, screen printed textiles that are later constructed into unique, design savvy headboards. Holley & Gill designs are elegant, beautiful and add a nice feel to a room. They are made lovingly, with attention to detail and process. I am a huge fan of hand screenprinted fabrics and love to see the work that they do, reflected in the world of interior design. 

If you love interior design as I do, you will most likely enjoy visiting the Holley & Gill blog as well. There are always heartfelt words & lovely interiors to looks at. It is the kind of blog that makes you think about the posts for many days after the first read. 

So that  wraps up a week of reflective black and white... Happy Fabric Friday! 

All images: Holley & Gill via here.


  1. Indeed it is lovely! I want to learn the technique someday.

  2. Beautiful isn't? From 2 really wonderful people. Everything is well thought out from the design right down to the hanging mount. The last image is my favourite! Always love your Fabric Fridays Kristen! This one is ace!

  3. We can't thank you enough for this beautiful post that truly touched the both of us. I love every Fabric Friday and feel so happy to now be part of it all. You continue to be a great and supportive friend and I look forward to the day where we can sit down and enjoy a nice cup of coffee together.

  4. i love the feathers! that has been my nickname since i was a little girl!



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