Wednesday, July 21, 2010

{Fun} Summertime inspiration...

It really felt like summer here today. While I watched Sayer play in the backyard, I plopped myself under a tree and created my first Etsy treasury. Summertime was my inspiration and I had a blast finding things that reminded me of  a nice, simple, summer day. Because it was my first attempt at a treasury, I thought that I should document it on my virtual sketchbook. Enjoy!
~ Summertime & the living is easy... can be viewed here live.
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  1. I LOVE your etsy treasury! I always wondered how you create those... I thought the 3rd pic top row was Sayer! haha. I was like,' what? she makes pants too now?'. I've fallen for the sweetbestiary.. I so want this for myself:

  2. Your treasury pictures what's a perfect summer to me! Splendidly done! (+++ thank you for including the shoes!)

  3. This is BY FAR the sweetest and most lovely treasury! Wonderful job and creativity!



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