Thursday, July 15, 2010

{Fabric Friday} mid-century modern love...

Mid-century modern is one of my favorite design periods. I go completely bonkers for the furniture in particular but the mid-century aesthetic as a whole, really speaks to me. After all, Ray & Charles Eames are my design heros. 

When I think about mid-century modern design, the fabric that comes to mind first is barkcloth. Many of the classic retro fabrics were printed on the nubby cotton fabric that was popular from the '50's-'70's. I have a little collection of barkcloth in my klt:fabric stash. I have used it for pillows, & curtains in our house but have also been know to make a few mid-century klt:plushies as well. I have recently started using solid barkcloth for some thread drawing pillows & mini plush because I love the great texture.

{ fabric photos via  Full Swing Fabrics & Tonic Living Fabrics }

These four "retro" prints on barkcloth are some of my current favorites that are being printed today. But of course, you can always find some groovy barkcloth fabrics at some antique malls and thrift stores too. Sometimes the hunt is just as fun as finding it. On one of my last trips to Seattle with Chris, we went to a few of our favorite junk stores on the search for some mid-century treasures. While I didn't find the barkcloth that I was hoping to score, I found a beat up old Eames chair - and boy was that hard to walk away from...  Happy Fabric Friday - hope you have a swingin' weekend! 


  1. I adore your fabric posts, would definitely be a fabric junky too if I actually could sew as well as you and had the space! Mid-century modern is by far the best period for so many reasons. Now if only I could actually own a piece of it, I'd be a happy girl.

  2. Wow, love those retro prints!! What a great find with the Eames chair!

  3. Curious as to what the name of the midcentury modern fabric is (and where I might find some) on the top right corner (aqua and pink). I NEED to find it! :)

    1. Hi there,
      The the fabric you are talking about is made by Full Swing. You can find it here ---->



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