Friday, July 9, 2010

{Fabric Friday} my textile design

I just spotted the work of Caroline Bourles of My Textile Design when I visited the uppercase journal on Wednesday. I poked around the website and was drawn in by the categories and range of textiles. I thought it was a nice {Fabric Friday} discovery.
This first set: {Snooze} Fashion & Furnishing Textile Project- Sept '06 - Lounge area & cocktail bar - Applications: Carpet/ seat/ window shade/ lampshade/ uniform. 

This set pulls from two projects: {Edward} Fashion & textile Project- Jan. '05-  Applications: dress / underskirt / apron / sleeves / collar.  {Sweethome} Furnishing textile Project- June '05- Applications: pillow / blanket / window shade / strap band

The section of mood boards and colors is fun to flip through. She also has a collection of children's wear too. Stop by and check out her site- there's a lot of eye candy. Happy Fabric Friday!   {all photos by My Textile Design}

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  1. Nice choice of fabrics.. More subdued than your regular Fabric Fridays! I love the fabrics in the second pic down from the top. I'd love to be able to make an a-line dress for Keira with those. Thx for the insight and link too! I really really want to make or get this:

    Have a great weekend Kristin!



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