Thursday, August 5, 2010

{Good Read} Pop Up...

There are pop up books on pretty much every book shelf in our house. Chris and I really love them - for a number of reasons. I had a nice little collection started for Sayer before he was old enough to really enjoy them and have been eagerly waiting for the day that he would discover how cool pop up books are. Well, the day is here and I thought since I started the week with the wonderful Lisa Hannigan pop up book video on Monday, that it would be nice time to share some of Sayer's recent book discoveries. 

One Red Dot, by David A Carter has become one of Sayer's favorite books. I love watching how he really studies the construction of the paper objects. It holds his attention for quite awhile at a time and has become part of our before nap routine. Even though he has looked through the book a number of times, the pop of the page turning still gets a smile and a surprised look now and then. I wonder how long it will be before he will try to make these sort of shapes from paper. 

The ABC3D by Marion Bataille is another new favorite of Sayer's these days. He is particularly interested in the alphabet so this is right up his alley and also a part of his bed/ nap routine. I had actually pre-ordered this book before it was released because I thought the video was so cool. We actually have 2 - one in Sayer's room and one in the living room. One of my good friends (the one that gave Sayer the cool, "There was an Old Lady" book) gave Sayer the ABC3D book for Christmas - funny because I had gotten it for her too. Can't have too much of a good thing... 

This book is a real beauty - so clever and smart. I think Sayer's favorite page is "S" - both for his name, and because it has wheels. For now these are the pop up stand outs in our house. I can't wait for him to discover the other little treasures we have scattered throughout our shelves. I am sure there will be a pop up part two in the near future. Have you enjoyed a pop up book lately? Do you have a favorite?  I would love to hear....

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  1. I'm totally fascinated with pop-up books too! Look at Sayer, he's so adorable.. hee hee, tiny toes! I think all kids are fascinated with the first letter of their name. It's the first letter they learn! My girl points out all the k's in the world. lol. We love reading Tales of Despereaux, which is a popup/sliding/tying book. It's beautiful. I also have a crazy Alice in Wonderland pop-up book illustrated by that fab J.Otto Seibold (who I love!). It's crazy awesome! And K loves this halloween pop-up I got for her from work. All these zoo animals dressed up for halloween. I should post up some pics for you! Hm, yeah!
    Thanks for the post idea Kristin! You have such an amazing library over there.. Have a super Friday!



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