Monday, August 9, 2010

{Music Monday} Night Owl...

I am what you call a true night owl. It's just my nature. I am most productive from 11pm on. It may be the quiet, dark of night- but it is when I can think the most clearly. This night owlness is a bit tricky in the morning though and it tends to go hand in hand with my love of coffee. Needless to say, I love owls and their wise night time ways. I am sort of fascinated by them. I suppose that is why one of the first plush that I ever made was an owl. Now being a mom to a toddler I find that I wish I could turn my head all the way around too. 

Dan Zanes is a favorite around the house and "The Fine Friend Are Here" dvd has been playing a ton in the last few days- it's been like we have had a concert in our living room every day. Sayer and I both love the Night Owl video that is on the dvd and I thought that I would share it with you for Music Monday (before Monday is over). It seemed particularly appropriate, as I have been working into the wee hours the last few nights on a batch of owl plush. Happy Music Monday & Good Night...


  1. Hi, these owls are the most wonderful,happy owls I ever saw. Very nice!

  2. Oh thank you! How nice of you to say. Glad you like them- and thanks for stopping by. :)



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