Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A concert, carousel, & dancing...

Last Tuesday, the three of us hopped into the car and headed to Seattle to enjoy a summer evening of Zoo Tunes. The Woodland Park Zoo hosts a series of outdoor concerts every summer. It’s an extremely family friendly venue - you have never seen so many Bob strollers & Ergo carriers in one place. We took Sayer last year and had such a great time, that we thought we would take him again this year. We cruised the line-up and ended up getting tickets to see Shawn Colvin. My brother and sister in law met us there with picnic in tow (including fancy cupcakes) and Sayer was a happy boy.

Funny what a difference a year makes. Sayer wasn't as interested in sitting and watching the concert this year. He would have rather jumped into the crowd like Jack Black (in School of Rock) or joined Shawn Colvin on stage to "jam out" with her. Sayer wanted to boogie and there just wasn't enough room for him to really get down. But never fear, Sayer was not alone in his need for a little more entertainment and room to roam. There was plenty to explore nearby.

There was a beautiful carousel within earshot of the concert. So, we left aunt K & uncle B to enjoy their picnic and found our way to the carousel. I have to say, it was one of my favorite parts of the evening because I just love the magic of an old carousel. They are just visually stunning. We each took turns taking Sayer around and around. Had it not been $2 a ride, we would have most likely ridden it all night. It was a pretty nice way to enjoy a concert actually.

After our carousel adventure was over, we headed over to the open space near the penguins, dedicated to the kiddos with ants in their pants. Sayer danced his little heart out. I think he may have been dancing to his own music by that time (I know I was). He also had a chance to dance and chat with his aunt & uncle which I know was a highlight of the evening for him. 

We thought that the little kiddo would  fall asleep quickly on the car ride home. But he chatted and bobbed his head while singing the whole way. While I wasn't as animated, I was thinking about the night on the drive home too. For me, it was just the sort of outing I needed- lots of inspiration. It was a good night... 

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  1. he is such a cutie! penelope is obsessed i tell you with carousels. we have one that is 5 minutes from our house that i take her to weekly!



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