Monday, August 30, 2010

{Music Monday} old school studio tunes...

The studio hours that I have been putting in lately have been very reminiscent of my art school days. The blurry eyes, flowing ideas, late nights (or early mornings) and being covered in whatever materials that I am working with, has been the norm. It's taking me back to the music  that I used to listen to in my old college art building. One band that stands out in particular is Talking Heads. I used to watch, Stop Making Sense, over and over, not to mention the soundtrack was a favorite.  Many Talking Heads songs make me stop whatever I am doing so that I can dance- it is just an immediate reaction.  Here is a TH song that I still love to this day- along with an affection for  David Byrne dancing with the lamp at the end of the video (I had a lamp just like that in college that I too shared a few late night dances with). 

It is funny how this song has taken on different meanings over the years. It reminds me of when I met Chris actually- even though that was quite a few years later than when I first discovered my love of the song. I was listening to a lot of Shawn Colvin at that time and she did a remake of,  This Must Be the Place, that was much slower and the lyrics were more recognizable. Regardless, home is really where I want to be and I have a better idea of what home is now. Happy Music Monday! Hope this song makes you stand up and boogie a little bit- or dance with the nearest lamp.   

About the image:
Chris made "Page Turner's Cabin" for hutch studio.
Photo taken by Chris Theiss, 2010


  1. Hmm,I recognize some of that! Did you made that house on the photograph? Cause I love it!!

  2. That house is amazing. Beautiful artwork. Just watched the Talking Head video with Keira and we both couldn't make out the lyrics. Keira actually said: "what he saying??". I'm like, I don't know. lol! I've never heard this song.. am really loving it. I used to love his suits. : ) I had friends in high school trying to dress up like him! From the hair to the suit to the shoes. Man, I hope you take a few days off after this crazy rush Kristin! You certainly deserve it!

  3. @eye-snacks- no, I didn't make the little house but my husband did. I really love it too. :) I will pass on the compliment. @Chantale, I know the lyrics are really hard to make out. If you listen to the Shawn Colvin version - it is much easier to hear them. It was after I met Chris & heard the Colvin version that I really identified with the song more. Before, I just boogied to it. The big suits and David Byrne's style was a big influence when I was in high school too. We have a little family vacation coming up in a few weekends. I will be able to sit for a few days. Until then, I will be covered in polyfil.

  4. wow that house is amazing! talking heads always reminds me of my dad. one of his favorites. he was a big influence on my music in my early years!



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