Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Traveling Kitties...

These curious kitties kept me company until the wee hours  over the weekend. They seemed to create a bit of a polyfil explosion in the studio and kept me on my toes. However Monday, they started their big journey to Japan. I really hope they have a good trip. I do always wonder what sort of adventures my plush critters embark on and where they will call home. Funny how most of them are better traveled than me. My final wish is that they will all find someone to cuddle and love them.


  1. Kristin! They're gorgeous. I love how different they all are. Same but different! And I love the craftsmanship. I see about 11 different panels plus all the labour-intensive sewing on each of these... wow. My quality would go down after doing 5 but I can't see that happening with any of these!
    Also: Thx so much for your comment on the last post. I hope those notebooks/tel/agendas weren't the last of its kind for me. lol.

  2. They are really wonderful Kristin! Bon voyage! ニャー



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