Sunday, August 1, 2010

{Stretch} Morning Yoga...

Kiddo enjoys his yoga! 
A little morning stretch for me - then off to the studio I go... (oh boy, I have the day to myself)! 


  1. Wouldn't it be fun to film them doing yoga together? :)

  2. Yoga?? Haha! That is so much fun! I'm sure my lil K would love it also. A whole day to yourself! I'm so jealous. lol. Sayer looks like a real pro with his yoga moves.. what a chill dude.

  3. Yeah, S came up with that end move recently & we realized that it came from a picture of Baryshikov ( that is on the back of one his books ( Funny little man... Yes, I have a whole day. My parents are back and S is hanging w/ my mom today & C is at work. :)



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