Friday, July 30, 2010

{Fabric Friday} Backyard Purple...

The weather has been gorgeous lately and we have been spending a lot of time in the backyard. When I was playing with Sayer yesterday, I noticed one color being fairly predominant .... purple. We have all sorts of shades of purple in bloom right now- the biggest clusters being in the forms of large lavender & butterfly bushes. But there are also little small pops of purple as well. So, I went to my klt:fabric stash and pulled out a collection of  fabrics inspired by some photos that I took of our backyard purple, for Fabric Friday.

It seems like I am continuously drawn to purple ( often when it is paired with green) and add little bits of fabric to my purple stash every now and then. In this collection you will find: some pieces of wool felt, some KOKKA *Trefle* fabric, and a piece from the Alexander Henry- bauhaus collection. Looks like there will be some purple pulled into some klt:plush soon.

Sounds like Sayer is waking up from his nap. I think it is time for a little snack and lavender picking in the backyard. So what colors are you noticing this summer? Any purple? Enjoy your weekend - Happy Fabric Friday! 


  1. Ooh beautiful lavender! I have such a hard time growing lavender in this climate. Your stash is so fun! Am thinking of re-upholstering my loveseat in the playroom and these are so fun. Cute pics of Sayer! He looks like a redhead!

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  3. Thanks! I love lavender too! I remember when we planted our little bushes & now they are huge! Our climate is great for it. Glad you like my stash. :) Yeah, Sayer & I lean towards being a redhead when we are in the sun.

  4. i love that black hollyhock! we've got a lot of purples and whites in our backyard. its a really small space, so best to restrict the palette to cool colors.



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