Wednesday, July 28, 2010

{Fun} All about glasses...

You may remember the post I wrote awhile back about glasses. I had just made a glasses wearing Ollie Owl and was reminiscing about wearing glasses since I was 4 years old. It became clear to me after writing the post, that even though I felt alone in my glasses wearing trials & tribulations over the years, that I most certainly was not. From the responses that I received, I am now aware that there seems to be a large group of us out there in the world. - A special group at that. We are the kind of people that smile and compliment a small child that is wearing glasses any time we see one. You know who you are...I created this  Etsy treasury is for you.
View:  "I wear glasses too", here.


  1. This is so much fun! I used to envy the kids with glasses in high school and when I found out I had to get one myself, I was so ecstatic! But after wearing them after a year, it didn't feel so great after all. lol. I don't have enough of a nose (or bridge) to wear glasses properly so they either never fit well or slide off my nose. Still, your etsy picks are fantastic! And I love your new specs too.

  2. Ha! This is so personal to me and wonderfully done! Tons of love from a life time glass wearer! :)

  3. Thanks fellow glasses wearers! :) I had contacts for my quite a few years actually, but my face felt naked... :)



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