Thursday, August 12, 2010

{Vintage KLT} Plushies looking for a home...

If you have been reading this blog, you may have figured out that klt:works is a labor of love. Because I make everything by hand, the items that I sell have special meaning to me. When I pack a box or put  plushies in a bag for a customer, I say my private goodbyes with hopes that their journeys are good ones and that they find someone to love them. You could say that "The Velveteen Rabbit" had a profound affect on how I view plush (but that is another post). So, one of the first brick-n-mortar shops to ever carry klt:works is having a huge blow out sale throughout  the  end of August. It is a local shop and I often made plush in special color combinations for them. They also carried some things that are true one of a kinds. Chris popped into the shop yesterday to search out  the klt:works products in their various nooks and crannies, and he found some unique & vintage KLT goodies that I wanted to share.
-Flights of Fancy Mobile - Unique color combo
-Tiptoe Sweeney- Original klt:plush going way back...
-Nest Pillow- Freehand sewing (back has dotted fabric) original design- only a few made.
-Lou the Snail- Original design- dotted fabric on the back.
-Ollie the Owl- Unique fabric.
-Owl Toddler Tee- Thinking it is a size 2T- best seller tee to date.

These special KLT items are looking for loving homes. Everything in the store is on SALE- 30% off until Saturday. Then they will be 40% off until the following Saturday- and then 50% off (you get the idea). I wanted to put the word out there that I am sure these items can be shipped. If you are interested, give Julie or Carol a call or pop them an email. 
Here is the scoop:
Childhood Bliss
521 Morris Street
La Conner, WA  98257
Phone: 360.466.2229

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