Friday, September 17, 2010

{Fabric Friday} drooling over hable...

Have you been to the hable construction site in awhile? I just popped by and reminded myself how much I really love this sister run company.  Look at all of these beautiful hand printed cotton canvas  & linen textiles! 
{handprinted canvas swatches}

{handprinted linen} 

There is so much to see in addition to the fabrics - pillows, totes, prints, storage bins. It's all pretty wonderful. I really enjoyed poking around the site and learning more about the company. I have been following them on twitter & "like" them on facebook, but hadn't visited the site in a few months. I realized that if I love hable construction, then I should share it with my fellow textile enthusiasts. So, happy Fabric Friday


  1. I just popped in hoping to catch Fabric Friday.. and here it is! Oh Hable, I love how bold their patterns are! If only I could afford them more readily. Which is your favourite?

  2. Thanks for popping over! :) I know, as you see, I didn't take a picture of my overflowing hable collection- I don't own any. I saw this spring (on FB) that they had a blow out fabric sale in their Brooklyn location. Maybe then I could have afforded something... but I wasn't in the neighborhood...
    Let's see, my favorites are ever changing but I am drawn to the "rope" ones in particular- green, fuchsia, & yellow. Love the lilypad one too. How about you?

  3. I like this post. What a treasures! Beautiful!

  4. Thanks! Glad you like it.... :)



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