Saturday, September 18, 2010

{Nice Day} for a bike ride...

While it was questionable when we looked out the window this morning, it turned out being a perfect day for a bike ride! I just got a new bike- a nice yellow one. The first thing Sayer said when he saw it was, "let George ride it". Yes, it does look a lot like the bike that the man with the yellow hat  has. I have to say, I did think about Curious George when I picked it out... but it wasn't the main reason for my color choice. I had a really strong reaction to the yellow.

One of the main reasons for getting this new bike was so that we could enjoy bike rides with Sayer. Chris & I sold our retro Schwinn cruisers that we got each other when we bought our house (10 yrs ago) and put the money towards something that had gears and would hold a bike seat well. Chris was generous and adopted my old mountain bike that acted as my car in college- it was always a bit too big for me (because I was stubborn & wouldn't get a woman's bike) and it fits him better.  Sayer loves riding on the back of the bike. My dad has a seat on his bike that he & Sayer use often. I guess I wanted in on the action too.

So, Sayer and I took off on a ride today. It wasn't our first ride- we went out with Chris earlier in the week. But this was our first ride, just the two of us, and we had a blast. I actually grew up in the town that I now live in - so today we rode around the same streets that I used to ride on as a kid. We went to my old elementary school and played on the playground. Funny how the streets seemed longer and steeper when I was a smaller. 

I am struggling a bit with the balance between klt:works & life these days so this is just the thing I need. I know it is Fall now but  a little rain never stopped me before. So, my hope is that this is just the beginning of many good bike riding days.... 


  1. sounds like a lovely day! ... no matter what in your life there is a struggle ... never balanced, always slightly askew ... best times when the "askew" is on the 'right" side !!! ;-)

  2. I can't get enough of your shots K! There's always this perfect balance between vibrant details and big surfaces of deep and over-saturated colours. Seems to me you treat photography as a painter (quite obvious, I know) - something I enjoy a lot! :)

  3. What a great time! Look at his face.. pure joy. Ok here, he looks like the little mister that he is. So adorable! I'm loving the new bike Kristin. Plus the helmet! Where's the shot of you in your new helmet?? I love Sayer's black sophisticated helmet. Like, he's too cool for the Batman ones. ;p Or maybe this IS the batman one! lol..

  4. Yes, words to live by Sharon! Thanks Daria- I appreciate that observation a lot! I think I do probably approach my photos like a painter. I guess I should have added that picture Chantale. :) Sayer's helmet actually has these cool hands in bright colors - with eyeballs on them. I will have to take a picture. Yeah, he told my mom that riding the yellow bike with mommy was cool. :)



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