Thursday, September 9, 2010

{Good Read} Weird & Wonderful...

One of my favorite local bookstores (Village Books in Bellingham, WA) sends you a postcard  on your birthday that gives you the percentage of how old you are, off of a purchase. I have been getting these in the mail since I was in high school and always save mine for a special or unique book. Of course now my discount is bigger than it used to be - but next year I will reach the limit. Chris and I recently had a "date night" and after dinner out, spent time browsing the shelves of books so that we could  use our very old postcards. This is the book I selected, Weird & Wonderful and it is just that.... and more.

I am intrigued by this book to say the least. What really sparked my interest is what is written on the bottom: Discoveries From The Mysterious World of Forgotten Children's Books. There are so many gorgeous & odd illustrations, these are just a few of my favorites. I highly recommend flipping through this if you are as interested in illustrations and children's books as I am.  It's published by a small local publisher call Laughing Elephant Press (Green Tiger Press) out of Seattle that publishes some really sweet children's books. This is a cool find & a good read for sure.


  1. Hey, isn't the top illustration to the left from the Wizard of Oz book? It's one of my favourites! Not really the story but the illustrations. lol. I wish we had a bookstore here that gave discounts equalling our age too! That is one awesome goodness. So.. turn the page! I want to see more..

  2. This is a wonderful find K! And nice bookstore you have there! (a little bit of envy, yes :)

    I wished today that I can go to Gosh! (London) soon! Can't wait to browse their shelves again! You'd love it - it's a comic book store that has also illustrated children's books (and all the old ones too! I bought Sasek there) and books on illustration - their selection is terrific! (a small place, but you can spend days in there!)

    Btw, do you know about Fiep Westendorp? She's my favourite :) (yes, the Fiep shoes are no coincidence :)

    Oh, my! I have to buy a ticket to London right now!

  3. so what happens after you cap out your discount? do you still get one?



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