Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Let's go to the circus...

My love of pop- books and carnivals has collided. Thanks to Deborah from the Kickcan & Conkers blog, who tweeted about this amazing book! Tina Kraus is a book illustrator/designer out of Germany who created this gorgeous carnival pop-up book called Circus Zingaro. 

Pretty darn cool, huh? There is just so much to love about this book! -Paper inspiration at it's best. {images via here}


  1. magical! got lost in there ... Beautiful post!

  2. Astonishing!!! Just popped up for a sec to see if there are any news at yours - and here they are! Stupendous things you share with us! :)

  3. Great to see this book here, it's magical! I actually found it on this inspiring blog, paper forest

  4. WOW. That is incredible. How in heck do they make those things?? You just made me go hm.. Totally missed my Music Monday so am backtracking today. Love this pop up book, it's crazy wow!



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