Monday, September 6, 2010

{Music Monday} quiet day...

It's a holiday today where I live - Labor Day to be exact. It's rainy and quiet. While, I do plan on working in the studio for a bit, there is relaxed and easy feeling about today that I enjoy. Keren Ann will frequent my studio playlist so I thought I would share one of her videos that fits my mood. {image via here}

One of my favorite places to be is the beach - it clears my mind and calms me down. This video is visually beautiful - there are so many subtle details that I love. If you live where Labor Day is honored, I hope you are having a nice bonus day. Happy Music Monday

1 comment:

  1. Kristin this definitely is such a visually beautiful video! Funny story: I am watching my sister's dog for the week and I started to play this video and he laid right down on the ground...It would have been really funny if he laid down in my arms!! Have a great Labor Day with you and your family!



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