Friday, October 15, 2010

{Fabric Friday} vibrant color & simple designs...

I just recently discovered the textile designs of Hitomi Kimura aka, Kalla Designs via her Etsy Shop. I was immediately was drawn in by her gorgeous color & bold, clean, timeless designs. Cruising through her shop made me smile and start dreaming up what I would make with her lovely hand printed textiles. Hitomi is a designer & screen printer who works out of her home studio in Ibaraki, Japan. Upon further snooping, I also found she had a website, blog, & Kalla Design FB page. Happy Fabric Friday everyone! 


  1. Aren't they though? I can't decide which ones to start with. I want to make one of my mobiles with her fabrics....

  2. Oh, I missed Fabric Friday on.. Friday! lol. I love these.. I love all the green prints. Hm, are we going to see these incorporated in your designs?

  3. So glad you guys like them! I really do too. :)

  4. Love these fabrics K! You're an awesome fabric hunter!



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