Thursday, October 14, 2010

{KLT Picks} Halloween Round up...

October seems to fly by in a creative flurry without fail every year. Whether it's planning Halloween costumes or just making things for klt:works, ideas are constantly flowing in our household. There are lots of colors, images, & textures that I associate with Halloween and they tend to creep into my studio every Fall. Here are a few of my favorite klt:halloween picks...

Row 1:  Organic Toddler Owl Tee, Eco-totes (for your treats), Organic Woman's Night-Owl Tee
Row 2:  Flora Slug, Vintage Ollie Owl Plush, Organic Kitty Toddler Tee
Row 3:  Night Owl Toddler Hoodie, Organic Raven One-piece (toddler tees too), Kiki Kitty Plush

Hope you are enjoying October! 


  1. Your products seem to mesh with any season, any holiday, any occasion. I consider them... perfect. : )

  2. Oh Chantale, thanks for saying that! You're so sweet. :)



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