Sunday, October 31, 2010

{Happy Halloween} Don't Be Scared...

Have a spooky & sweet Halloween! 
1- Abandoned house in Lake Chelan, WA- I took it when on our Summer vacation this year.
2- My pre-school class - I'm the clown in glasses.
3- Clown on step ladder is me...
4- My brother as a clown- me as Raggedy Ann
My mom made our costumes.... 


  1. Haha! That is too cute. Your mom is awesome! Wow, I wish my mom had made our costumes too (she usually made us regular clothes). My parents didn't get halloween (or any other holidays come to think of it). I love the pattern on the clown costume! It's so.. today. lol.
    Hope you all had a fun weekend! It's finally winding down for us now. : )

  2. Actually, this video kind of creeped me out. The hand, the weird twig thing.. I was eating lunch and had to stop this. lol. Oh I'm so weak.



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