Monday, October 4, 2010

{Music Monday} Autumn harvest...

The Autumn months are here now and it's time to break out the Neil Young Harvest Moon cd. I don't just listen to this album in the Fall, but it just seems to compliment the season well. We actually have two copies of it because Chris & both had one when we met. It's the ultimate art studio music and has been a favorite for years. Neil has a new release out now along with a mini movie about the making of his album- both collaborations with the great Daniel Lanois. Neil is a true classic and continues to put his heart & soul into everything he does which is why so many people love not only his music, but him as well. Happy Music Monday

1 comment:

  1. Ah yes, great collaboration between 2 greats. I don't want to say 2 great Canadians because I think by now, they have been heard worldwide and they are so international. That is one boogying pic of Sayer in the cornfield! Hm, actually, I'd love to turn that into a Halloween scene à la Edgar Allen Poe or even better.. Hitchcock! Can I? Can I??



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