Tuesday, October 5, 2010

{Part II} Fisher Price Love...

Do you remember the post last week about my love of vintage Fisher Price toys? Well, this is Part II.... there's more! 

I'm lucky enough to have had my path crossed by a very special woman, Janet. She has become one of my husband's favorite customers at hutch studio and is a huge supporter of everything that is created for hutch. Through him, she has become familiar with some of my designs for klt:works and owns many of my original thread drawings. Her dog, Macy, is even one of the dogs on my, "Chasing Tails" mobile. From reading my posts and comments on FB Janet honed in on the fact that I love vintage Fisher Price toys and she very generously sent me this INCREDIBLE register via hutch studio!

This  register has been in Janet's family since 1959 and she wanted to give it to someone that would appreciate it. She was a little concerned that I wouldn't like it because it was old and showed years of love. However, for the record, this is my favorite Fisher Price toy - hands down! I love the worn paint and everything about it. I appreciate this gift for a number of reasons and my plan was to keep it in my studio for inspiration.

But that means that I would have to get my hands on it first. Sayer seems to be very intrigued by this register as well. He loves the 2 little wooden coins in the drawer and his favorite thing to shout out is, "no sale"! Which really doesn't sound good for my klt:customer service guy to be shouting. I guess one of the things that I wanted to point out by this post is that there are truly wonderful people out there in the world and you never know when something extra sweet is going to come your way. I do believe, "what comes around, goes around...".


  1. This is truly a lovely thing that Janet has done for you, but she couldn't have given it to a more worthy or appreciative collector. Very nice!

  2. KLT,
    I am so in love with vintage Fisher Price, and I really enjoy seeing your brilliant photos of young Sayer having so much fun with them.

    That register has found it's perfect home. Your friend must be so chuffed to see it being loved and treasured!

    I wonder what toys now will have the same 'vintage Fisher Price' charm in 30 years?

  3. What a great vintage toy! I also love the fact that it's worn, torn and paint chipped. It just looks like such a well loved toy. Some toys stand the test of time and as evident with this one, some were just well made too! Janet couldn't have given this to a more deserving family. Janet, if you're reading this.. I think you're awesome!

  4. wow! that's super cool! and she still had the coins?

  5. Oh it's GORGEOUS! I keep buying vintage Fisher Price on Ebay these days - my newest acquisition being a fantastic '70s mobile home - but THIS is on another level of wonderfulness!



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