Tuesday, October 12, 2010

{Vintage Inspiration} Winky-Blinky...

Oh, I have been just itchin' to show you this vintage Fisher Price find. I found Winky-Blinky Fire Truck 200 about a week ago in an Etsy Shop called lovinglola and I really couldn't get it out of my mind. This fire truck was manufactured in the US in 1954 and it's so unbelievable cool. I knew Sayer would go nuts for it as well because he loves firetrucks. So, I went ahead and purchased it. It wasn't my $6 bargain that I usually find, but it's charm & history made it worth it. We just received it and Sayer has been playing with it ever since I opened up the box (which included a sweet, handwritten note). 

Sayer is really into details and loves all of the illustrations on the side of the truck & I love the old Fisher Price logo & face.  Now, you may have noticed that Winky (who Sayer has named, Bobby) is being parked on a circle. It's the firetruck's turntable that all of Sayer's firetrucks use. He made that one at his grandma's house and it has traveled here. The minute "Bobby" was ready to play, the turntable came out.  

So, it is official - my Fisher Price toy collecting has reached a new level. When "Bobby" is not in use, he will sit next to my cool old 50's FP register, on top of my parent's old hi fi console that sits in our living room. But I have to ask (as my dear friend Catherine asked me), is it really a "toy collection" if the toys are being played with?


  1. Absolutely YES! Toys are for playing! (and someone played with these before, so why not now?) They can be an "official" collection by any rule when Sayer outgrows them. I think it's wonderful he can play with such splendid toys! :)
    (besides, all the big boys (men, yes!) collecting superhero figurines usually end up playing with them :) (witnessed more than once!)

  2. Fabulous piece of Fisher Price. I can see why you couldn't let it pass. I am very 'precious' about our old Fisher Price, too! I think that helps show the children that some toys are for looking after, and are a bit more special than your run-of-the-mill stuff.

  3. How do you find these treasures?? That last photo is precious.. Sayer is so into his new old toy. lol! What I love about your collection is.. it actually gets used and played with heart and love. You are a mommy after my own heart! And Kristin, thank you so much for your latest comments on my blog.. they mean the world to me!

  4. I knew I'd be jealous. It's just awsome. Tssss.

  5. Yes this one is pretty darn special! It sure is sturdy too! It's so cool that you all appreciate these old toys. It's fun to share them with you. :) (Thought you would like it Catherine)



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