Sunday, November 21, 2010

{Everyday Inspiration} four fun finds # 3

In keeping with the tradition that I started 3 weeks ago, here are four fun finds that made me smile last week. This post could actually be considered, four funky finds... 

1. This "Circus"  print by Judy Kaufmann is one of the MANY prints in her Etsy gallery that is a  favorite of mine- it was honestly hard to choose just one. 

2. How adorable is this "Splish Splash" play kitchen made out of olive tins? I love the concept behind rafinesse & tristesse - pretty darn genius. 

3. I've had my eye on this block set from Fidoodle for some time now. The illustrated characters heads & bodies can be mixed & matched. There are blocks with illustrations of doors, windows, & other essentials for building things as well. 

4. Harold (the art doll) has me smitten. Timothy was a close second. My eye has been drawn to Elze's shop a lot since I discovered it. She apparently does custom couples too - which would be very cool...  

Hope your having a great weekend! I'm sewing with wool socks & a hat on today. I think I need to find the space heater (which I believe is in Chris' studio).


  1. Three weeks is definitely the making of a tradition ... fabulous funky finds esp. kitchen!

  2. You're very consistent in your taste and finds Kristin. I like that! A bit of vintage, a bit of mod, a bit of whimsy in each of your finds. That tin play kitchen would have K fascinated. It's awesome. I don't know about you but.. I think you could make your own couple Harold type doll! : )

  3. I also enjoyed your feature over at KickcanK's blog. : )

  4. I might be a Timothy Doll girl myself :).

  5. @Carmel- Thanks! I'm finding that I really enjoy having a place to put everything I see. Did you see the other little kitchen spaces on their site? Really great work...
    @Chantale- Yeah, I tend to know what I like- consistency is my middle name. :) Even when I was little- I knew what I liked- a little vintage, bit of mod, & a dash of whimsy is my formula. Did you show K the website with the kitchens? Yeah, I think I have a few painting from college with a Herald like character. I feel like I know him.
    @B- Yeah, Timothy is your guy for sure... :)



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