Sunday, November 21, 2010

{Music Monday} winter studio music...

Music is always playing in my studio - & generally throughout the house too. While I do have a fairly large & diverse collection of music, I find that I've been leaning pretty heavily towards Pandora radio these days- just so I don't get in a music rut. I keep little pieces of scrap paper and a pen next to where I work so I can jot down songs & artists that I like to later look up when I have the time. The big trick I find, is reading my writing when I actually do go to look up these musicians. I lucked out this weekend though, I stumbled on Portland, OR artist , Laura Gibson . She reminds me a little of  Jolie Holland & Madeleine Peyroux. Have a listen...  

I'm really drawn to her sensibility & find her music a nice match for these cold, winter days in the studio. There is just something about the idea of a musician performing in a bookstore that really appeals to me. If you enjoyed her music, you can listen to her Tiny Desk Concert at NPR music here. Happy Music Monday
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  1. i thought you might be playing pandora when we stopped by yesterday. whatever station you were playing had the same songs that mine usually plays. good job though- writing them down. i usually forget and then i fall in love with songs and don't know their title OR singer later.

    thanks for sharing Laura Gibson too- she's got a lovely, strong voice and i look forward to hearing more from her. :]

  2. This is perfect for today here in Mtl too! Rainy and grey.. this is happy! I love the accordian too. At first, I thought this was a parisian duo. : ) True, good thing you write these things down. And then share with us!
    You might like Detektivbyrån too.. but it's more instrumental..

  3. @Ayla- Yep pandora was definitely on. It was on Jose Gonzalez & Matt Costa radio a lot yesterday. Oh, I would be lost without my little pieces of paper- I actually stop sewing to write stuff down. Glad you liked Laura Gibson.... :)
    @Chantale- I thought that same thing at first too. Wasn't that a great little book shop? Glad it fit your mood... I will check out Detektivbyran. Thanks! :)



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