Wednesday, November 3, 2010

{photos} traveling circus family...

It's no secret that I have a pretty active imagination. This year our Halloween costumes, & visiting Chris at hutch studio in them, gave me an idea that I just needed to indulge in and play around with -black & white photography was the perfect medium.

So, there you  have it - a strange peek into my imagination. I view these photos as a dream like narrative- if we were a family that traveled in a circus or something. I will just leave it at that. I had off to make klt:plushies. 


  1. thanks for sharing your imagination!

  2. These are fantastic, what fun!
    I noticed your work here this afternoon by the way

  3. Mr Ed! Now we know where you've gone to.. (wink wink). I love these black and white photography! It looks surreal, I keep expecting Johnny Depp to pop out or something. lol. I really love these..

  4. These are wonderful photos!

    You know, I laughed to myself thinking of Sayer when he's a dad showing these photos to his children saying, "There's grandma in the bath ... I know, can you believe she didn't take her converse off! And look at grandad in his cardboard suit! His moustache was detachable."

  5. Glad you guys enjoyed them- thanks!
    @ K&C- thanks also for the link. :)
    @Chantale- no, Johnny Depp wasn't there that day... ;)
    @Carmel- That's a really hilarious thought! Poor kid is going to have a lot of explaining to do when he is a dad. I think I'll still have the converse when I am a grandma- but maybe I'll finally take them off when I'm in the tub. :)

  6. Oh my ... what fun! Great pics ... I so love them. Very very cool kristin, very cool!

  7. Ah, I love these Photo's Kristin!!

  8. I love doing that kind of thing (my latest family picture is on that same mood).

    These pictures are whimsical, and bizarre, like they were taken from a lost Dali film. I love them, and that costume is brilliant!



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