Thursday, November 4, 2010

{Vintage Inspiration} Art Seiden...

Sayer and I just finished up story time and he chose all of my Art Seiden books  to read today. He really is fond of them so I thought it would be a good time to share my little vintage collection with you.  I've been collecting anything with Art Seiden illustrations for a while now and my favorites are from the '60's Romper Room - Wonder Book - series. Sayer loves the train books in particular. But here is a tiny peek into each one...

The Romper Room Safety Book - Story by Nancy Claster- Pictures by Art Seiden- Wonder Books 1965

Puppies, pictures by Art Seiden  1980

Golden Clock Book by Ben Ross Berenberg - pictures by Art Seiden 1970

The Little Engine That Laughed by Alf Evers - Illustrated by Art Seiden  1950

The Train to Timbuctoo by Margret Wise Brown - pictures by Art Seiden- Little Golden Book 1951

The Romper Room Do Dee Book of Manners by Nancy Claster - pictures by Art Seiden - Wonder Books 1977 

Yep, we read them all today. This Manners book is really funny- it cracks Sayer up too. There is even a "mother check off chart"  to see if your child is a "Do Bee". I won't tell you the results of our check list. But I will tell you that Sayer likes the "Don't Bee" boy's outfit better, hmmm. I will bring these out again to share more another time. This is just a taste. I really enjoy looking at how Art Seiden's illustrations have evolved over the years, along with how much they have influenced current illustrators today. Hope you liked our Art Seiden story time... 


  1. before i read the romper room one had some of your favorites, that is the one i was immediately drawn to!

  2. LOVE them! Just beautiful. Such gorgeous use of colour. I had Puppies and The Little Engine that Laughed when I was young. There are a few people I can think of who would benefit from Manners.

  3. @Heather, you would love those Romper Room- wonder books. They have 3ringcircus written all over them. :)
    @zigsma, I love the use of color too! That is so cool that you had the Little Engine that Laughed & Puppies when you were younger. I discovered these as an adult. I agree about the Manners book - it needs to possibly be republished... many would benefit. :) The "Do Bee" & Don't Bee chart would be helpful for everyone.

  4. Haha! Sayer likes 'Don't Bee' outfit. Is green his favourite colour? I love the firetruck and puppies book! Especially the type they used. The illustrations are just top notch. Ah Sayer.. so lucky he has a great mom and dad who have all these cool books for him!

  5. These illustrations are magnificent! What a great artist and what a nice collection K!

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. Hurray! Another Seiden fan! Your collection is growing amazingly!! I haven't seen the Puppy one! The Romper Room one and the Safety one are favorites!



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