Friday, November 5, 2010

New Shop in Portland!

There is a new shop in Portland, OR called Branch and Birdie and the opening reception is tonight from 6-9pm! I met Anna, one of the owners, via Etsy & Twitter. She makes beautiful ottomans/poufs. When she told me about her new store that "caters to the modern woman, child, & home", I was excited for her- and when she asked to have some klt:works goodies in the shop, I definitely said yes. While the shop is in the NW, it looks like there will be an online presence soon for those of you that don't live in the area. So, if you are in Portland, stop on by tonight and say hello. It looks like they have chosen some gorgeous things- there's also a kid friendly play area so that you can shop with your kids!   {photos via here}


  1. Very cool. Great news to hear that your products will be on offer in their store too! So this will mean... that you will enter your studio lair and never be heard from again (except for the whirr of your sewing machine)?? The store is beautiful. I wish I could visit Portland myself. I just realized my stupid question to you on fb. duh me. I love these awesome news from you about you Kristin!

  2. The store looks so nice! I'm happy KLT will be part of it! Lucky Portlanders!!

    (hope that's how people from Portland are called - if not - please, forgive me and be merciful :)



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