Friday, November 5, 2010

{Fabric Friday} send in the clowns...

It's a dark, dreary, & rainy day in the NW. What 's a girl to do to bring in the cheer around here? Well, the only solution that I came up with was to bring in the clowns & the circus to Fabric Friday. I love all things circus & fair related. I think because of all of the Halloween & costume hubbub lately, my mind has sort of been stuck on the traveling circus. I thought it would be fun to travel the web and find some fabric dedicated to one of my favorite themes. Half of my finds were vintage & the other have were new. Take a little gander won't you?

'50's Fairground Vintage Fabric found here & Vintage Circus Fabric  found here 

Circus Tent Vintage Fabric found here & Shelburne Circus found here 

Japanese Clowns Fabric on cotton/linen found here  & Kokka Japanese Circus Fabric found here 

I think that might have just done the trick. I feel the corners of my mouth curving up.  But now I could sure use some popcorn & lemonade... Happy Fabric Friday!


  1. Wonderful! You know I love the circus too so big smiles all round! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. oh i love every single one!! but my very favorite is the 2nd one! love!



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