Monday, November 15, 2010

{Music Monday} play & repeat...

It's busy, busy, busy these days in the klt:studio. I'm thinking about just setting up a sleeping bag in there. When I need to just chill out and work, Ray LaMontagne is one of my go to musicians. I just play & repeat all day long. 

His new cd, Ray La Montagne & the Pariah Dogs: God Willin' & the Creek Don't Rise, has been getting played the most lately, but I have all of his music in my ipod & yesterday, shuffled my way though it all day. Ok, my break's over, heading back to the studio now. Happy Music Monday!  {photo via here}


  1. love him!!!! i have the music i want to do!!!

  2. sigh... Kristin.. I am loving your Music Monday choice. I need to plug it into my ipod and relax somewhere. Else. lol! Sounds like you're swamped in your studio. Wish I could come over and bug you, uh I mean, keep you company! Your new holiday offerings are looking fantastic!

  3. I love him too! Perfect for lazy sunny afternoons in the hammock.

  4. Me too! It's either Ray or David Mead when I am sewing.

  5. Well, no sunny afternoons around here, but he seems pretty great with the rain in the background too. :)



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