Sunday, November 14, 2010

{Everyday Inspiration} four fun finds # 2

Not surprisingly, I found some more things that caught my attention this week. This might have to be a weekly feature until Christmas now, what do you think? Here are four more fun finds that  highlight shape, pattern, color & texture.

1.  How fun would this  modern storage credenza by modology, be in your living room?

2. I just learned about this very cool e-shop called Zoe de Las Cases via Pirouette blog  the other day and thought about this cardboard  "bunch of kids" all week. I really like them.

3. Well, this isn't a new find. Lulu Smith Jewelry has been a favorite of mine for years now. Her colors, and the way that she uses her materials just "sing" to me. Which is why I have so many lovely Lulus in my jewelry box. These earrings are from her October show that is currently up right now. Lulu makes gorgeous & special pieces of art to wear. She is also a great momma, has two sweet little girls, a talented husband & calls Seattle home. Come to think of it, I like her as much as her art- which is a total bonus!

4. I found out about yorktownroad from my good pal Daria (aka LaLa shoes- the cutest darn baby shoes around). I love this textural and roomy carryall. I'm a very tactile person & her work looks really interesting.

This little group of fun finds make these grey Northwest days a little more cheery. They put a smile on my face anyway. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love how everything is connected by the colours (which are splendid!)! Super finds K! I want! the credenza :)
    (glad you like yorktownroad - I'm in awe by their textures as well. and thanks for the sweet words!)

  2. I think this is a great idea,keep it!
    I love Zoe's work, in fact I've been invited to meet her in her atelier in Paris next week but can't make it :(
    I like the storage credenza too, but it wouldn't go with our present home.
    Nice and colourful, just what I needed, it's cold, grey and wet here today!

  3. I love these finds! Keira and I saw those cardboard kids too. I love them, she hates them! haha. She asked me why would anyone want to put up pictures of other kids in their homes? lol. I absolutely love that bag, très you!



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