Thursday, November 11, 2010

A teeny tiny town...

One of the things that I enjoy most about the blogosphere is seeing little snippets of places all around the world. I find it fascinating.  Last night I saw a video make it's way around my local friends facebook pages and I thought I would share this little piece of Americana. It was made for the La Conner Chamber of Commerce and it made me laugh. I realized that I mention La Conner often- it is where hutch studio is, where my parents now live (& have always keep their boat) and where I lived when I moved back from NYC (grad school). I lived in this red building- but in the back facing the water. My dad used to visit me by boat (his little Boston Whaler) and tie up on the dock out side my apartment. It was a bit of a change from NYC to say the least. Chris and I later lived in one of the apartments in the front of the building (the 3 windows on the left). We carried lots of furniture up those stairs. We even got married  up on the hill in LaConner- in the Gaches Mansion (aka Quilt Museum) across from where the families of turkeys live and roam the streets. 

For the record, I don't know Dan (from the video) or Rhonda the bartender. But it does give you a feel for the little town. 

I took these photos during the Halloween parade a few weeks ago. There were swarms of kids walking down the main street of town. Sayer went as a fireman and his favorite part of the parade was walking down the street and stopping to see his daddy at hutch studio. 
So that is the sweet little town of La Conner. Hope you enjoyed your tour... 


  1. Oh, I love it! What a nice post! I imagined you in this house, your dad coming in his boat (how cool!), the two of you... super-great story! Your pictures are wonderful (I'll never stop saying it!)
    From the video the place looks lovely. I like how the buildings are all nicely painted, all looks so..tidy :)
    Thanks for sharing K!

    (what's the FCC?)

  2. Lmao! Oh my gosh that video had me in stitches! I loved the opening, 'this is my bomb..' haha! Awesome place LaConner. Beautiful pictures of your town and I love that apartment you lived in. Well, can't see the innards but the outside looks fab! Sayer looks adorable in his costume! Wish I could visit..

    Maybe I should get that ringtone.. mm, maybe not. lol.



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