Friday, November 12, 2010

{Fabric Friday} from papercutting to fabric...

The textiles of illustrator and designer, Heather Moore have caught the eyes of many. She is the designer behind Skinnylaminx. Her textiles are often created by drawing or papercutting which is why I respond so strongly to them I think. I love seeing someones hand in their designs.

She has aligned herself with a strong team to help her create wonderful products as well. She has her designs professionally printed in Cape Town onto fabric that is woven in South Africa (which is where she resides). Plus Heather has found an excellent seamstress "with magic fingers" to help her make lots of lovely products with her fabrics. You will find tea towels, napkins, children's clothing and pillows in her shop in addition to yardage of her fabrics. The combination of nature and modern, clean design is what appeals to me in her work. Happy Fabric Friday!   {images via here}


  1. Oh, yes! Skinnylaminx! I love her fabrics! I often go check for new and just find myself contemplating them. I also love the colours she uses.
    I'm just drooling here :)

  2. Ditto everything Daria said. lol. Love her graphics too. I love the kids clothing.. I should just get a pattern and make it myself from her fabrics. Once I stop being lazy and or have more time. : )
    thanks so much for your awesome comment Kristin on the blog today. I just hope I don't get too personal with the questions.. : )

  3. Ah, I have a crush on Heather's work...her space...her whole aesthetic. Thanks for sharing her on your site!



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