Tuesday, December 14, 2010

{SALE} some plush for the holiday rush...

Did you know that slugs love this time of year? They get really excited at the idea of crawling into someone's stocking. While owls, birds, & snails seem to feel more at home under a tree. 

When I think about some of my favorite childhood gifts, they seem to fall into the plush friends category. So to help make the holiday season a little bit more cozy, use the code {KLTPLUSH25} for 25% off of all klt:plush here. Like the tees under the tree sale, offer is good until December 23rd 11:30pm PST. I love thinking about what kind of exciting new adventures all these little plushies are going to have.  Hope you are enjoying the holiday rush....


  1. These would look soo cute stuffed into a cozy christmas stocking!

  2. Perfect gifts! and nice rhyme too :)



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