Wednesday, December 15, 2010

{Everyday Inspiration} puppet break...

It's really just the tiniest things that can inspire & entertain me. A habit that started when I was in college 10+ years ago still prevails today. When I get stressed out & need to clear my head, I just stop by my favorite antique mall & get my nostalgia fix. It's all about the colors, designs, & feelings of comfort that a place like that evokes. The idea that I might stumble on a treasure is what keeps me coming back again & again. 

I've been a sewing, packing & shipping machine lately. On my way home from the post office a few days ago, I stopped by an antique mall that I like to browse in for a quick, much needed, break.  It was all decked out in vintage Christmas decorations & was newly stocked since my last visit. I quickly headed to my favorite areas first & started my little pile of finds. When I spotted this puppet box on the ground, beneath a display, I seriously started to get butterflies. I would have bought the box by itself just for the palette & graphics alone. But look at what was inside! Those of you that have followed this blog awhile know about my love of puppets

It's so funny, but I snatched up that box like it was the must have toy of the season and it was Christmas Eve. I don't think I can even explain or understand myself completely, how happy this sweet $4 prize made me (yes, I said $4). It was the best break ever. I was inspired & ready to go back to work with a pile of nostalgia to help me get through the holiday rush. What do you like to do when you are stressed & in need of a pick me up?


  1. Ooh that box! And it's got all its pieces inside! In pretty good condition too. 4$. I can't get over it! I need a place like your antique mall near me too.. I wonder what else you picked up (pile of nostalgia)? Glad to hear these things revved up your design mojo! The greatest stress reliever for myself has been my trusty friend: the treadmill. lol. Also, Mr Sunshine outside. I am completely deprived of it at work and feel run down almost immediately. Getting out and seeing all that light makes me feel light and instantly happy. : )

  2. By the way, I love the donkey in this set. It reminds me of Trotro.. a character Keira loved to watch on tv..

  3. I absolutely understand you about the box!!! It's wonderful! Oh, I just spotted that it was made in Czechoslovakia!! No wonder the design is so good. Made me remember a splendid wooden toy store in Prague - I think you'd go kaboink there!
    And the puppets remind me of Czechoslovakian cartoons and puppet shows I used to watch on the TV as a kid :) Ah, memories...
    Really a great find K! I envy you your mall...

  4. I love the fact that you found something that made you so happy :) What a lovely find ...

  5. Your post made me smile. I had that same set of finger puppets when i was little! They were great fun.

  6. @Chantale- Yeah, it did rev it up! Isn't that box great? I like the donkey too- I'll look up that link. :) Puppets & sunshine = even happier me.
    @Daria- I knew you would like the box too. Ha- Yep I think I would go kaboink in Prague! :) I'll take you to my favorite junk stores (Chantale too).
    @Layers and Layers- Thanks Sharon- Pretty goofy that something like this could make me over the moon happy. :)
    @Red Rood Door- That's so great to hear! How wonderful that you had that same set. Do you still have them?

  7. WOW!!!! the cover was worth the $4 alone, but the puppets inside are just fantastic!!!! i love them!!!

    and yes you would go bonkers in Prague! hee

  8. Great Finds Kristin! Love those puppets... I wish I could shop in this lovely antique mall too! xo



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