Saturday, December 18, 2010

A forest of trees...

I've been going to the same tree farm with my family to find a Christmas tree since about 1983. Before that, we got them from our neighbor who had great "tree connections". I don't think I missed an outing- I may have grumbled about it- but I think I always went. Even when I was in college- I would come home for Christmas and go out with them. Everything is pretty much the same every year and we still all have our individual style of searching for a tree. For those of you that have never visited a tree farm for a tree... I thought I would show you how we do it.

Ever since Chris & I have been together, we would hop in the car with my mom and dad to go search out our tree. Sayer has been a part of this tradition since he was a baby. But this year he was really enjoying romping around & searching for our tree. He just ran around, playing fireman- putting out forest fires left & right. I loved seeing how involved in the process he was- right down finding the string to tie the trees to the car. This year we took our own car and followed my parents. So, this is our view after the tree adventure. I felt that this tradition was worthy of documentation because it really is something I look forward to at Christmas time.  What is your favorite holiday tradition?


  1. I love the photos! Very handy to have a 'fireman' around to help chop the tree down right? ;p You can see the joy in S's face, his expression! I'm sure he was in super action mode that day! Is that your dad in the photos? Because if so, these are incredible photos of 3 generation of men in your family.

    What an awesome tradition to have. I also love the hats worn here. (wink).

  2. Sayer is the cutest thing ever! This is such a lovely tradition.....



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