Wednesday, January 26, 2011

big ideas & adding machines...

I'm knee deep in stacks of papers with visions of numbers & colored files dancing in my head today. Ah, tax time...gotta love it. It may be a little quiet in klt:sketchbook land in the next few days. But I will leave you with this really cool video that my friend Daria sent me a link to. She always has a way of knowing what my mood is. This sort of summed it up for me. It's pretty genius (it's slow to start so be patient... something more will happen). Thanks D- it's very cool indeed!  {images via here, here, here, & here}

Office supply stores here I come! Maybe by the end of the day I will be able to make some music like that with my calculator, printer, & file cabinet.... 


  1. Just watched this with K.. we are still staring at the screen. I LOVE all the old stuffs, keyboards, hard drives.. Musical machinery journey!
    K says: "It's kind of bezert". Um, ok.

  2. I love the adding machines above!!! Addometer? :)) What a name! I had a pretty good wooden abacus when I was little - I still consider it the best aid to learn the basics of math :)
    I knew you'll love the video, it's pretty amazing :) I got all emotional hearing the sound of the ZX loading from the cassette, my first computer was a ZX 80 (still have it)

  3. @sharon- glad you liked it!
    @chantale- I think it is a bit bezert too! Isn't it cool- all of the old 80's stuff?
    @daria- thought you'd like the adding machines. I liked the abacus. Thanks again for passing this video on was spot on. :)



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