Friday, January 28, 2011

{Fabric Friday} Lucienne Day...

If you haven't guessed already, I love researching & learning new things. My latest research obsession is learning more about the British textile designer, Lucienne Day. I often discover things when I'm too busy to really sink my teeth into researching, only to discover them again later- when the timing is right. That's the case with Lucienne Day. She died last year around this time - which received quite a bit of press. There was an article in Dwell Magazine called, "Britain's Mid-Century Female Designers" that caught my attention last year. I remember reading it, getting excited, then putting my magazine on the towering stack of Dwell Mags in my studio. I never followed up on the research until this week when I repeatedly found her name pop on my search for vintage fabrics & made that connection. I'm such a huge fan of Ray and Charles Eames and Lucienne Day & her husband Robin are sort of like the British equivalent. While I do love Ray Eames' textile designs, I think I'm drawn to Lucienne's designs more....

I've always enjoyed reading about creative couples throughout art/design history. I find it interesting to see how they inspire, influence, & nurture each others creative journey. I suppose that's why I married another artist. I also devour information about women artists & designers that paved the way for me to be doing what I'm doing today. I'm sure this won't be the last you will hear about Lucienne Day from me- this is just an introduction, as my research has really just begun. I actually have the exhibit catalog from "Art by the Yard: Women Design Mid-Century Britain" on order- can't wait to get it into my hands. Happy Fabric Friday! Hope you have a weekend full of cool discoveries....


  1. thanks for this post- great work!

  2. Another cool learning lesson for me. Awesome post Kristin! I'd love to re-upholster some chairs with these fabrics.. You're right, it's great to learn about these women who were pioneers of design back then.

  3. Splendid post, Kristin! Thank you for introducing us to Lucienne Day's work - it's marvelous!

  4. Great post - get yourself V&A Pattern - The Fifties ... possibly through the V&A website... has heaps of pattern designs from the 50s inc. Luciene Day ... wonderful.

  5. @maja- thanks- I'm so glad I started researching. I love her work too & her husbands furniture is awesome....
    @ChantaleP- Glad you like it! There is a place that sells reproductions of her designs I didn't see the prices, but you might be able to cover something (chair or pillow) with it. :)
    @Daria- You're welcome! Check out her husbands furniture too. I think you will like the Dwell slide presentation on their site too. Thought you would like it!
    @Make mine Mid-Century- Thanks! I just looked up the book- it's on my list - so great!



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