Saturday, January 15, 2011

{Four Finds} #8 Rethink & Reuse...

For the first {four finds} of  2011,  I wanted to focus a bit on something that  has been on my mind- rethinking & reusing. January is always a time for me to rethink & regroup. Simplifying everything seems like what I am trying to do both in our home, with my business, & in my designs. I've been drawn to a lot of innovative objects lately that fall into the "rethink & reuse" category.

Top to Bottom:

Little Houses Light by Chris Theiss for Hutch Studio- When Chris sent me this picture, I was blown away. I love how it was made from reused materials - not to mention the incredible shadows that it creates! {image via here} 

"Sandbank Sofa" by Christiane Hogner - I recently read an article in Dwell Magazine about Hogner. She is a Brussels based furniture designer who makes things out of castoffs she finds on the streets of Belgium. This sofa was originally made for a project - where she used sandbags. I really like all of her work. {image via here}

"My Camera is out of paper!" by Ching Ching Cheng- This camera made from books knocked my socks off. {image via here}

"Dada Dolls" by Hannah Hoch- Featured in an exhibition catalog called "Toys of the Avant-Garde" which is on view at the Museo Picasso Malaga & written about here.  I'm a huge Hannah Hoch fan & was excited to see her dolls included among all of the other very cool toys. (Note: One of my favorite exhibition books is cut with the kitchen knife: the weimar photomontages of hannah hoch by maud lavin). {image via here}  source 

Do you have a favorite? Have you made something recently from something that you had around the house or found somewhere? Hope you are having a nice Sunday!


  1. I absolutely share your thinking about simplifying in design and in life! We're on the same track :)
    And I love, love your finds - a 4 - just perfect! Christiane Hogner projects are wonderful!

  2. I love this post. I've realised lately that my blog is leaning more and more towards recycled art and of course vintage finds. I'm not surprised, it's a reflection of the kind of life we try to lead. You know I love Chris's house lights, they're exactly the kind of thing I'm talking about, but that sand bag sofa is pretty cool too!
    (glad you liked the Mondo-blogo link, it made my week!)

  3. I didn't know the little house light by Chris. It is absolutely stunning!
    We do a lot of rethinking & reusing at the moment too (even if not as artful LOL). This is definitively the way to go. :)

  4. Love the Hutch lighting too! For some reason, I don't see re-using as simplying life. I just think it's a great 'new' piece. I think it's because growing up, I used to see my mom keep every scrap bit of paper and fabric she had and eventually, it surfaced up somewhere in the house as new curtains, clothing bags or other useful item. I love how you're always introducing me to new art Kristin!

  5. Great finds Kristin! That house light is AMAZING!!

  6. gorgeous finds! I love it! specially the "Little houses"!
    I always created things with cotton thread, but I discover now newsprint paper ...
    Come see on my blog. See you soon!



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