Tuesday, February 1, 2011

{Everyday Inspiration} childhood nostalgia

My love of collecting vintage treasures has increased tremendously since becoming a mom. I seem to constantly be on the hunt for things that I enjoyed as a kid & now want to share. I suppose watching my son grow, makes me feel quite nostalgic about my own childhood. I try to see the world through his eyes & love to see his reaction to cool things that once caught my attention too.  

I admit, that I do look for vintage toys for a variety of reasons, but there is a definitely "boy" slant now when I'm browsing the local thrifts & antique shops. I found this great spinning top not too long ago and was drawn to it for the color, shape, &  illustrations. I thought Sayer would like it & sure enough, I was right. The minute he saw it on my shelf in my studio, he was intrigued. 

But the item that I purchase recently that really took me back to my childhood was the pair of rainbow suspenders that I found at 3ringcircus. When I saw them, I didn't have to think twice - I got them for Sayer right away. I used to have Mork suspenders that I wore all of the time. They were a little thinner, had some stretch, & I loved them! He discovered them again the other day and decided that they looked like fireman suspenders or "benders" as he likes to call them. He wanted to wear them yesterday & I saw an photo shoot opportunity right in front of me. I really think that one of my favorite things to do is take photos of Sayer (as you may have guessed). 

It's nice to be able to combine all of the things that I love into a "work related" photo shoot. My little retro lovin' klt:model & I had a fun afternoon yesterday - not to mention we got a lot done!  Is there something from your childhood that you've shared with your kiddo or keep around you as an adult?


  1. i would love to have been at that photo shoot! he looks like he is having so much fun!!!!!
    i just found my childhood TOMY dollhouse at my parents house! its completely furnished and pip and i are having a blast playing with it!!!
    thanks for the mention :)

  2. this is so great! I love his suspenders!

  3. I absolutely love these images of S-dude! I think he and K would have a great time boogying the night away.. These suspenders, girl you crack me up! I had the same ones.. Mork & Mindy and his egg pod. I loved that show. Remember the rainbow socks with individual toes? hehe. I had those too! But definitivo not comfy to wear. lol.

  4. Love those suspenders! They're fabulous!

    We have lots of Fisher Price that the kids play with ... which is nice to see ... and there are some old dolls kicking about ... but the Fisher Price campervans and Sesame Street are the favourites.

  5. Lovely!!!
    Off course I remember!!! I watched everyday at home in Argentina when I was child...!

  6. @ringmaster- It would be so fun to take photos of Pip & Sayer together- we would all have a blast! I don't remember TOMY dollhouses. That's so cool that you & Pip are enjoying it!
    @Mee a Bee- Thanks! Did you ever wear Mork suspenders? :)
    @ChantaleP- Thank you! That would be cool to see them boogying. :) I'm sure we did have the same ones (given we are only a month apart). But, did you have a bad perm, big glasses, & braces too?.... I did. :) I didn't have the socks. But I know what you are talking about. LOL
    @Make mine Mid-Century- :)Thanks- now did you wear them Carmel? Oh the FP campers are cool! I don't know the Sesame Street ones as well- but recently saw some that looked great. I think I may be too old to have played with them when I was little. :) I have my old Mandy & Jenny FP dolls in a box downstairs somewhere. Did you have those?
    @pa[u]- That is so cool that Mork & Mindy was so international! All the way in Argentina! :)



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